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Celebrities are commonly subjected to body shaming and the concern tends to be worst in the case of women.

Unfortunately, not each of us has the ability to meet the body standards set by our so-called modern society, and hence, those who cannot, are ridiculed and mocked by others.

jill scott weight loss

We consider our favorite celebrities our role models, and this, build up more pressure on them to look at their best.

Being overweight is not just a concern related to a person’s physical beauty, but is more of a health concern.

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A significant increase in weight makes your body a host of several ailments and complications, which often worsen up your condition to the extremities.

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As said, celebrities try their best to come up to their fan’s expectations who want to see them healthy and active all the time.

Off late, a female celebrity who became a role model for women struggling to get in shape or shed off their post-baby pounds was, Jill Scott!


The American singer Jill Scott has always been in the limelight, owing to her soulful voice and charismatic personality.

jill scott dietHer introduction in the music world in year 2000 with her first album Who is Jill Scott earned her great recognition and fame.

The back to back releases of her albums like Beautifully Human and The Real Thing took her career to a whole new level.

Jill Scott also tried her luck in the film world and received appreciation for her acting skills too.

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Some of her roles greatly acknowledged by the audience were Rosemary in Cavedweller and Big Momma Thornton in Hounddog.

The 45 years old has also set the stage on fire several times, with her concerts and live performances.

Followed by over 3 million fans on Facebook and 1 million fans on Instagram , she is considered to be one of the most loved American Singer of today’s era.

In a nutshell, the singer has enjoyed success for over a decade and is still on the go for more!


Motherhood comes with a lot more challenges than any of us actually think of.

It is a phase that makes and breaks you, at the same time.

You are sure to lose your once tighter and leaner figure, however, the reward is surely, worth losing your physical appeal.

 Nonetheless, the post baby pounds are not always stubborn. With sheer dedication and continual efforts, one can simply get back to the shape and weight, with time.

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jill scott before and after

Jill Scott too, hit this very special phase of her life as she got expected with her son from her partner, Li’l John Robert.

The woman gained weight during the phase, but soon, took charge to shed off her post-pregnancy weight.

Jill Scott weight loss was a journey she enjoyed a lot!


She saw a world of discovery in the eyes of her son that made her consider ‘self-control’.

The super-excited mom revealed that the birth of her son, Jett Hamilton Roberts has motivated her to do the good for herself.

She has seen a world of discovery in his eyes and she wants to be a part of it and enjoy it. But to make that happen, she needs to be with him.

Age: 45 years.
Height: 1.68m (5.5”)
Weight in yesteryears: 263 pounds.
Weight loss post pregnancy: 63 pounds


For almost 18 years of her on-screen presence, the audience has seen her with curves and bulk.

However, this is for the first time that the woman has got in action and has slashed 63 pounds off her weight.

People love the new Jill Scott and are praising her for her weight management.

Despite being in a better physical state now, the singer misses her old body and believes that there is nothing she could do to turn size 0.


So how Jill Scott lose weight?

jill scott workoutThe equation that helped her lose 63 pounds and is still helping her stay in shape is balanced diet and exercises.

Talking about Jill Scott diet, she takes three meals that comprise of foods that have minimal fat content.

She also munches twice daily, but ensures healthy options for that.

The lady, while following the aforementioned eating pattern, managed to shed off her post-pregnancy weight in a period of two years.

Well, Jill believes in slow, but constant progression!

Coming onto Jill Scott workout, the lady credited her diverse workout routine for the positive changes she witnessed in her weight.

The woman follows an hour of strength-training and cardio exercises that are supervised by a professional trainer.

She repeats the circuit thrice every week, and tends to enjoy her sessions a lot. She also believes that biking and boxing has a great contribution in her weight loss success!


As of today, she is enjoying all the praises from her Jill Scott before and after photos.

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The journey is not yet ended for her and she is still on the run to redefine her body, however, she is not in favor of changing her womanly curves at any point!

Well, if a healthy lifestyle worked for Jill, are we any different?

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